Meet some of our

Fiercely Free Souls….


I first heard Kerri speak at an event in April of 2019. Her story resonated so much with me, that I told myself if she ever wrote a book I would read it. I honestly already thought she had.

Once Fiercely Free was announced, I snagged a copy not really sure if it would create real and lasting change for me. When I started thumbing through the pages my first thought was this book is small, but it is mighty! It's more of a workbook or a journal than it is a book and that's what I love about it. 

Kerri's writing style is as empathetic as it is empowering and encouraging. It feels like she's taken your hand and is lovingly guiding you through the work. You almost won't realize the healing that you're doing until you have your first AHA moment.

I realized a few days in that breakthrough was possible. I was FINALLY taking action towards healing my past and truly seeing a vision for a bright future! Actions that continue to heal me weeks later. 

If you're tired of buying book after book, program after program with little to no real and lasting results, then my friend, please grab a few copies and do the work! Why a few copies? Because once you see the differences in YOU, you'll want to share it with all your friends and team members like I did!

- Keri Brewster
Missouri , USA


Fiercely Free is by Far the BEST book and workbook I have gifted myself in a very long time!

I have been working on myself for a very long time, but I just recently declared that I am Worthy! I have made HUGE changes in my personal life over the years, but never realized until I began journaling with Fiercely Free exactly what I was doing. Having Kerri walk me through the steps of journaling has been a HUGE help for me to let go of the things that I have been holding onto for years! I have worked hard to be the woman that I am today and I Am Worth It! Tell the Universe who YOU ARE! You, just like I, am Worthy!

-Julia McCabe, RN
California, USA


Let me tell you that you are never too old to change. At 59 years young,

I’m finally understanding the importance of self care. Five years ago I began this journey to be healthy. I thought it was all about physical health but during the last year I’ve realized we need to be healthy in our mind, body and spirit. Since I’ve reconnected with God, my faith has increased and He has placed many people and tools in my life to help me on my healing journey. After reading Fiercely Free, I began journaling which is something I never really did. Through journaling I am learning to release the fear and worry of what others think. I love myself and know I must love me before I can really love others. Get your copy of Fiercely Free and begin our own healing journey. Kerri’s book is designed to help you live in freedom.

-Barb Snodgrass